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EA Spotlight is a weekly radio show featuring Entrepreneur Advisors members and their guests. Led by W. Cliff Oxford, CEO of EA and internationally renowned entrepreneur, and Natalie Allen, EA’s media strategist, members discuss what they have learned from “the school of hard knocks”. Hear valuable tips from those who have been in the trenches and learn how to move your revenue needle.

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On today’s show our guests included Aubrey Daniels, Ph. D., Founder and CEO of Aubrey Daniels; Michael Grant of Modern Rustic Homes and Barna Log Homes; and Blake Sanchez, CEO of Pyrodynamics, Inc. Aubrey Daniels is Founder and Chairman of Aubrey Daniels International.  He is the world”s foremost authority on applying the scientifically-proven laws of human behavior to … [more]

Entrepreneur 2.0 With Louis Brown and Scott Ellyson [more]

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